Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you able to make a mantel shelf made to my specifications? 

A. Yes. We can create a custom shelf to meet your individual needs. 


Q. Is it called a floating shelf or a mantel shelf?

Technically, the shelf is considered a floating shelf because it appears to “float” on the wall. It is also often referred to as a mantel shelf because renters and homeowners frequently attach them above a fireplace or wood stove. 


Q. How do you attach floating shelves to the wall? 

A. The hardware used to attach the floating shelves to the wall is concealed. The product comes with a bracket that you will attach to the wall. The bracket has short, protruding rods that extend from it. These rods fit directly into pre-drilled holes on the back of the floating shelf. Simply line up the holes and slip on the shelf. Installation instructions and hardware are included. 


Q. On what types of walls can the shelves be attached? 

A. Because of the weight of our wooden floating shelves, we recommend that they only be used on solid walls (e.g., brick) or walls where they can be secured directly onto studs. 


Q. How much weight can the mantel shelves hold?

A. Our shelves can hold up to 35 kg, assuming they are installed into a solid wall using the hardware and we instructions we provide.  


Q. Will the wooden shelves have any character marks such as knots or cracks? 

A. Yes. Since every one of our kiln-dried pine shelves is unique, each will have different natural imperfections and characteristics. You may find small cracks, knots or splits, as well as waney edges, bows and twists. In some cases, there may be machining marks. Over time, these features may gradually shift until the timber fully settles in its new environment. 


Q. Is it safe to use a mantel shelf above a heat source such as a fireplace or log burning stove?

A. Yes, this is one of the most popular places our shelves are used. Please note that you should be sure to cheque the fireplace or stove manufacturers’ safety guidelines before installation to ensure adequate distance from the heat source. Please be aware that the proximity to heat may cause of the of the shelf’s natural imperfections (e.g., cracks) to open or change over time. 


Q. Can these floating shelves be used in a bathroom? 

A. Yes. In fact, many any of our customers have done just that. It is important to note, however, that the timber has not been treated with any sort of waterproofing material, so the room should be kept well-ventilated and free from excess moisture.